Ansible playbook for configuring tinc on debian and OSX machines. 90% done.
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This repo is based on I've added roles for an OSX install, and tweaked some paramters.

This playbook will automatically install tinc on OSX and debian hosts, and connect them all. It also updates the /etc/hosts files in order to make the connections easier to remember.


Set up your inventory in hosts

server1 vpn_ip=
server2 vpn_ip=
osxmachine  vpn_ip=

# include your local machine if you want.
mylocalmachine vpn_ip= ansible_connection=local


On osx hosts, run brew cask install tuntap and enter your password when prompted.

Note: You need to use root users for the ubuntu machines.

Update the variables

  • change the netname to whatever you want.

Set Up Tinc

ansible-playbook site.yml


ping server1.fog