Chrome extension that saves a tab link to your wiki.
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DokuLink is a simple chrome extension that adds a button to the chrome action bar. When you click it, the current tab URL and (optionally the title) get saved to your Dokuwiki installation via an RPC call.


Find this one the chrome app store, click here or clone this repo and load unpacked extension. Note that if you load the local copy, your settings will not sync and after every update you will get a chrome security prompt.

Once you have the extension installed, go ahead and enable the XML-RPC setting on your wiki. You can find this setting under Configuration Settings --> Authentication --> remote and remoteuser. You need to enable the remote API system, and optionally whitelist the user credentials you plan to provide to this extension. You can create a dedicated user and only allow access to a specific page, or use your primary account. All calls are sent via HTTPS, so this extension should not induce any significant security vulnerabilities not present in dokuwiki itself.


  • Open the options page and enter your wiki domain, username, and password. Note that these credentials are stored using the chrome sync api, and are not transmitted anywhere outside of chrome.
  • The key combo "Ctrl+Shift+S" will open a session browser, where you can copy all open tabs from another device in a nice list.


  • make session browser respect listing preferences for URL creation - hyphen, markdown, etc
  • make CSS styles nicer in options - better font and spacing, maybe add some color.
  • add error messages to options- use getTitle to check auth, display error if it doesn't work.
    • think - maybe generate dynamic popup dialog from button explaining the issue?
    • copy the failure handling code to the title function, or better yet to a checkStatusOrDie()?
  • error if HTTP


Why do you need X permission?

  • Read and change all your data on websites you visit - without this permission the extension cannot send data to your wiki. Since it's impossible for this extension to limit itself to only your wiki domain, it has to ask for access to all pages. Feel free to audit the code to confirm that this is the case.
  • we need active tab to get the current URL and title of the page you are on.
  • 'sessions' is required to list all open tabs on other devices.


Attribution for code snippets


If this extension significantly improved your life and you'd like to donate, please direct your donation to Dokuwiki to support its continued development.